Purim Spiels

The following English-language Purim Spiels are available for free download and use, as long as proper credit is given (© A.M. Matte), their use is shared with the author and consideration given to making a Chai-level donation to City Shul in Toronto, Canada, or to Temple Israel in Ottawa, Canada.

Enjoy, and Chag Sameach!

Shushan Drag Race: A RuPaul’s Drag Race Purim Spiel

6 characters, 5 singing parts, to the tunes of ABBA, adult-oriented

Esther-Day: A Beatles Purim Spiel

7 characters, 4 singing parts, to the tunes of the Beatles, adult-oriented, family-friendly

May The Farce Be With You: A Star Wars Purim Spiel

10 characters, 6 singing parts, to the tunes of classic Star Wars and Star Trek TNG, adult-oriented, family-friendly

Sesame Seed Street Showdown: A Sesame Street Purim Spiel

7 characters + extras, 3 singing parts, to the tunes of Sesame Street/the Muppets, family-oriented