Pigeons and Alzheimer’s Out Loud

I participated in the Wordjammin’ 2015 event a few weeks ago, during which independent authors share their wares, so to speak, during an afternoon of public readings.

As always, I had great fun reading an excerpt from my short story Where Pigeons Roost and, in homage to my grandmother, my short nonfiction piece Countdown, which chronicles my family’s encounter with Alzheimer’s Disease.

My husband and four-year-old son were also in attendance, which made the event even more special to me.

For more information about Wordjammin’: http://www.wordjamm.com/authors-bios.html.

A.M. Matte reading at an ornate gold-plated lectern in a west Toronto pub.

A.M. Matte reading Countdown at Wordjammin’ 2015.
Photo credit: Angela, artwalkabout -at- gmail.com

Fantastic French Book Fair

What a pleasure and a privilege to have been invited as an author at the 2012 Toronto French Book Fair. There, I met authors I admire, such as Marguerite Andersen, Lawrence Hill, Michèle Vinet – and discovered new ones, such as Sonia Lamontagne, Daniel Groleau Landry, Éric Charlebois.

A.M. Matte and Lawrence Hill,
Toronto French Book Fair 2012

As a reader, it was wonderful to discuss books with their creators. As a writer, my Book Fair experience revigorated my desire to write. I have many projects planned for 2013!

A.M. Matte and Marguerite Andersen,
Toronto French Book Fair 2012