Where Pigeons Roost and other stories

« [We] both read it and enjoyed the stories. We especially liked the first one [Abime]. We look forward to reading your future work. » – Muriel G. P. and Ron P.

« I am enjoying your book. One part in particular describes how I feel at times since my husband’s death: “…you can’t block out the gnaw in your stomach, the vice on your lungs, the lump in your throat, and the insistent echo in your brain, the one you have been trying to drown out…”  » – Mary Dunne, author, Joys, Sorrows and Blessings: Our Walk With Parkinson’s

« I really enjoyed reading your book. Worth reading again, too! The last story Where Pigeons Roost was especially wonderful. I really wanted her to [SPOILER OMITTED]! And thought it was a perfect ending! » – Anna H.

« That was quite good. Thanks! » – Judy G.

« I read the book and really enjoyed the stories. [A.M. Matte] has a real talent for words. What an imagination! » – Laya


A Treat (in Voices 2013)

« Loved your short story ‘A Treat’!

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your reading at the [Voices 2013 anthology] launch; I have read and re-read your lovely story several times, and  I love them. I have a long personal history of banana split theft, both overt and covert, so it was easy to identify with Naya, and, of course Midge could easily be one (or maybe both) of my sisters. I did enjoy your story and your great reading of it. » – Hugh J.


Meurtre littéraire

« Au fur et à mesure que la pièce avance, on prend plaisir à tendre des perches à ses camarades de jeu, à faire rire par une ou deux boutades bien senties. On sort de la bibliothèque, sourire aux lèvres … improvisation interactive, un concept plein d’avenir! » – Raphaël Lopoukhine, Le Métropolitain

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« Le rire est de la partie du début à la fin. » – Christiane Beaupré, Le Métropolitain

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« un esprit très, très jeune, rafraîchissant, mais je pense que tout le monde peut y apprendre un petit quelque chose … traités avec beaucoup d’humour, d’intelligence et d’honnêteté. » – Mélanie Riendeau, Radio-Canada


Son of Sun – North of Infinity II

“It’s a deceptively simple story about early humanoids and one of their major discoveries. I won’t say what the protagonist discovers because part of this story’s joy is the first-person way in which it immerses you in the animistic, magical thinking of the protagonist and her people. “Son of Sun” balances Promethean themes of myth (there, I just gave you another clue) with the decidedly personal as it shows how the heroine’s intelligence and creative thinking lead to great benefit for her tribe. Though it refers to psychic powers and though it’s highly speculative, “Son of Sun” rings convincing and true, and that’s why I deem it best of the book.” – Elizabeth A. Allen, Tangent Online


Intolérance au velours

CBC Radio called this play « extremely courageous ». – Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio


First Cool of Summer

« First Cool of Summer » had a great deal of charm and was distinguished by its economy. Young writers tend to over write and over-feel emotions and thoughts. « First Cool of Summer » was observant, true to the characters and situations. It was good theatre – worth seeing. – Clive Doucet, Councillor for the City of Ottawa

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Les fourberies de Molière ou Le Molière imaginaire

« Les spectateurs ont savouré les talents de la distribution… »

« …j’ai adoré cette production …je l’ai vu deux fois …BRAVO! »

« une prestation époustouflante digne des plus grands théâtres »

« un franc succès »

– L’Express de Toronto   Read the article

– Le Métropolitain   Read the article


La Reine a cassé sa pipe

« toujours éloquente et très bien adaptée … spectacle réussi »

– Josée Brodeur, Liaison

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Slipping Mind

Spectator comments following the show :

“We admire [the playwright’s] ability to describe that difficult time so beautifully and skilfully in her play.”

“I did indeed find [the play] meaningful.  I’m very glad to have experienced the play.”

“We enjoyed the play very much, thought that it was deeply felt and thought out. It was also well presented. Incidentally, [our friend] nearly used up all the hankies that were provided…”



« I heard you read at the Literary Cabaret last night and was most impressed with your work.  It was a delightful evening made even more so by your contribution. » – Amy M.

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