Writer’s Shorts Challenge

One of my sci-fi short stories, Alicorn 2108, is competing in an online indie authors competition this month. While the rules state that I can’t encourage people to vote directly for my story, I can encourage you to read the stories and vote.

It is all up to you, the readers. Each reader may only vote once. Read the Writer’s Shorts Challenge contenders here: http://indieauthorsandbooks.wordpress.com/writers-shorts-challenge/writers-shorts-challenge-april-2013/

My story is the last one posted, right before the voting buttons. Happy reading!

Afterwards, no matter how you voted, feel free to leave a comment about the story on this page. It’s appreciated!

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  1. Some comments on Alicorn 2108 received by email:

    « I did read all the stories, and there is really no contest. [Alicorn 2108] is far and away the best (even though I am not generally a fan of science fiction.) » – Ron P.

    « [Alicorn 2108] was the best by far – a good story by any standards. » – Dave M.

    « Wow I am impressed – I love the flow of her writing. [A.M. Matte] really takes you there. And the votes – everyone else is majorly impressed. » – Sheila

    « I loved [Alicorn 2108] – I also loved one of the others but I can’t remember the title – these are interesting & up-and-coming writers. [A.M. Matte] has a great imagination & talent. Also excellent language. » – Helen G.

    « pretty good story » – Marilyn

    « Nice writing … truly imaginative. From where did you get your imagination? » Erik H.

    « Bravo » – Muriel G. P.

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