An Encounter That Changed My Life

Last year, I participated in a local writing contest, held by Good News Toronto, called the True Story Contest. The challenge was to write about An Encounter That Changed Your Life, in 450 words or less.

I wrote about my young friend Sierra, who, barely out of toddlerhood, taught me how to be a better person and inspired me to have a family. My piece won third place in the contest and was published online in December 2011.

Six months later, I happily learned that « Sierra », the prize-winning nonfiction piece, had been printed in the hard copy version of Good News Toronto. How thrilling; not only is there tangible, inked evidence of my story, it’s even illustrated by Toronto artist Rosie Pea.

The best consequence of seeing the story in print, though, is that I was able to share a few copies with Sierra herself, who read it for the first time last week. Her reaction? A pleased smile hidden by an admonishing: « But now everyone‘s going to know me! »

They would be lucky to.

The short nonfiction piece "Sierra" by A.M. Matte

To read "Sierra" online:

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